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(David Grenon's first published Single)

Hugo, 9

After being diagnosed with autism a few years ago, Hugo (David's youngest son) has been progressing through life immensely. His speech and physical capabilities have developed to make him the perfect little boy he is now. He might not perform tasks like the rest of society but he's evolving, his own way.

A song about Autism

"A Special One" brings you in the mind of Hugo, trying to explain how he sees life through his gorgeous big blue eyes and puzzled mind.

A Tribute

This song is not only about Hugo but it is also a tribute to all the actors playing an important role in Hugo's development. His mother and his big brother who are always there for him, as well as his teachers and EAs!

Where can I purchase?

The song will be available for purchase on major download platforms (iTunes, CDBaby, Spotify, etc.) as well as streaming on YouTube (over an amateur video put together by David)